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Insomnia, Anxiety, and The Sleep Book: A Teenager’s Firsthand Experience

Our latest blog is a guest post from Alice, the 14 year-old daughter of NBP Director, Rachel Hannam. Alice just finished reading “The Sleep Book” by Dr Guy Meadows. It really helped her overcome her sleep anxiety and insomnia. This is her experience as a teenage sufferer. (She’d love some feedback in the comments 🙂


It Is Not The Critic Who Counts

For many people, lack of self-confidence comes form having a harsh inner critic. How do you manage a harsh inner critic? Or harsh critics around you? Working on your own life and mind is the key to accepting yourself as you are and letting go of those criticisms.


Feeling Tight? Sigh Three Times

When you are tense, your breathing is tight. Three Sighs is the most time-efficient meditation you will ever do. It’s very short – maybe 30 seconds long – but you can change your state of body and mind markedly in that time.


Toxic Friendship: How Do I Deal With Her Negativity?

What do you do about negative friends? First ask, “Does this relationship support your life or enrich it somehow, or does it detract from your life?” In other words, does the person drag you up or down? Getting clear on your answer can help. Also, you may need to be honest and tell your friend about the impact her self-focused, negative communication has on you. It might seem astounding, but it could be that she does not even realise how you are affected.


We are all control freaks!

Set yourself free by recognising this one tendency we all share and how it can go awry. Life is to be lived, not controlled. Like a surfer in the waves, we need to respond to life, not stress ourselves managing and controlling it all.


4 Steps to Self-Empathy: Get Calm and Clear

Often I use this process with clients who are stuck to a sticky thought and want to get unstuck! We all have sticky thoughts; intrusive or compulsive mental stories we automatically tell ourselves when stressed that can loop endlessly in our heads. The sticky thought is almost always a judgement, either of the self or […]


How to deal with panic attacks

I think I am having panic attacks. My heart races and I feel dizzy, hot and sweaty. It is very scary. Sometimes I can hardly breath and I feel like I might die. What causes it and how do I stop it? Many people in the middle of a panic attack really believe they are […]


Euthanasia and suicide. What is the difference?

Is there a difference between suicide and euthanasia? Even though euthanasia and suicide are both about avoiding pain, there is one major difference. But is that difference enough to legalise euthanasia? We explore the risks.


How do I address my low self esteem?

Low self-esteem can be addressed. You need to understand its origin and address it. You are carrying emotional baggage that is weighing you down and you need help to release it.


I hate my girlfriend kissing friends

Being with an emotionally and physically expressive partner can be challenging especially when you come from a family where this is not the norm.


How do I deal with my difficult hurtful mother?

Having an unsatisfactory relationship with your mother is deeply disappointing. You cannot change her, but you can change how you react to her. It takes some work but it is worthwhile. You can have a peaceful relationship with your mother.


How do I deal with alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is far too common. Alcohol relaxes our tense muscles and helps us forget our problems. It’s easy to see why it is so addictive. But it also damages our bodies and kills off our brain cells. If we really want to avoid discomfort, especially in the long term, we will value our health.


Obsessing about a mistake

Making a mistake can haunt us. We struggle to come to terms with our feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. But we can become more self-accepting. Self-acceptance brings peace.


Energy vampire

Energy vampires will wear you down, especially if you feel sorry for them and try to cheer them up. There is another way to deal with energy vampires, apart from telling them to ‘go jump.’ You use a technique that protects you and forces them to either change or leave you alone.

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