It Is Not The Critic Who Counts

For many people, lack of self-confidence comes form having a harsh inner critic. How do you manage a harsh inner critic? Or harsh critics around you? Working on your own life and mind is the key to accepting yourself as you are and letting go of those criticisms.


Low Self-Confidence and Criticism

There is a huge difference in the way people respond to negative comments and criticism. Those with low self-confidence handle it very differently to those people who are self-confident. When people with low self-confidence react to criticism it’s likely they will feel offended, angry and defensive. Some will feel hurt and wounded. Frequently they are […]


Low Self-Confidence

Many people come to me complaining about having low self-confidence. They often feel that their low self-confidence has come from challenging circumstances or difficult experiences. They are reluctant to take responsibility for their low self-confidence. They feel like victims. Many of them have been victims. Many were mistreated in childhood. Many didn’t feel accepted. Many […]