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Threatened by attractive woman flirting with my husband

My husband is engaging and sociable and attracts other women. This has always bothered me, but it threatens to become an issue now because one woman seems determined to snare him. I trust him, but how can I make him see that this woman has more than friendship on her mind? Every time I raise it he […]


How do I address my low self esteem?

Low self-esteem can be addressed. You need to understand its origin and address it. You are carrying emotional baggage that is weighing you down and you need help to release it.


Low Self-Confidence and Criticism

There is a huge difference in the way people respond to negative comments and criticism. Those with low self-confidence handle it very differently to those people who are self-confident. When people with low self-confidence react to criticism it’s likely they will feel offended, angry and defensive. Some will feel hurt and wounded. Frequently they are […]


Low Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline

There is a close relationship between low self-confidence and lack of discipline. In a previous post Self-Confidence I explained the importance of following through on your commitments. Whenever you don’t, your self-confidence suffers. There are reasons people don’t follow through on their commitments but most people avoid even thinking about these reasons. They know they did […]


Low Self-Confidence

Many people come to me complaining about having low self-confidence. They often feel that their low self-confidence has come from challenging circumstances or difficult experiences. They are reluctant to take responsibility for their low self-confidence. They feel like victims. Many of them have been victims. Many were mistreated in childhood. Many didn’t feel accepted. Many […]