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Click here to download our Crisis Referral List. This is a list of contacts (which our clients receive before their first appointment) for a variety of support services and agencies. It is here for your information and use, if needed.

DASS21. Your psychologist may ask you to fill out this survey to gauge your current levels of depression, anxiety and stress. You will need to ask your psychologist for the password to access this online assessment.

Lifeline is a free phone counselling service for anyone who is desperately distressed and/or contemplating suicide.  Lifeline has also officially started their texting crisis support line. It’s available every day between midday and midnight by texting 0477 13 11 14.

Beyond Blue is a site with useful information on depression and anxiety. They explain the symptoms and common treatment options.

Mindspot offers online treatment courses for anxiety and depression.

Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health is a useful site for information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They list causes, symptoms and common treatments.

MARS Australia (Men affected by rape and sexual abuse) is a helpful website for any man who has suffered such a disturbing experience.

BRISSC Brisbane rape and incest survivors support centre helps women who have suffered sexual abuse, rape or incest. They are feminists who run support groups and can supply other information. For example they have experience of criminal and court procedures.

Quit Now is dedicated to helping people give up smoking. It has lots of information for anyone wanting to quit.

Parent Help Line offers advice and support for parents who feel out of their depth with a child and don’t know what to do.

Brisbane Workplace Mediations provide effective and confidential conflict management and mediation services in any workplace or community setting.

Psychology Board of Australia is the registration authority for psychologists whose job is to protect the public and to guide the profession of psychology.