Fees and Rebates

Our standard fee for a 55-minute consult with a Generalist Psychologist is $215. Clients who qualify for a Medicare rebate (via a GP referral) therefore incur an out-of-pocket cost of approx. $120.

*Please note: The fee for a Clinically-endorsed Psychologist is $255, leaving an out-of-pocket expense of approx. $117 with a GP referral, due to the higher Medicare rebate. Our Provisional Psychologists and fully-registered Counsellors charge a fee of $130 (no Medicare rebates). The hourly fee for Mental Health Social Workers is also $215 but the Medicare rebate is slightly less, leaving an out-of-pocket of approx. $130.  

Our psychology fees remain well below the nationally recommended standard of $300 (for a 46-60 minute consult). 

DVA: Please note that Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) clients will need a referral from their GP to access mental health services. Your DVA referral is valid for 12 months or 12 sessions, whatever comes first.

NDIS: The standard fee for NDIS clients is $214.41. Larger reports or assessments for NDIS (and other external agencies) also attract a fee to cover the Psychologist’s time. Speak with your Psychologist to obtain a quote.

If the out-of-pocket cost prohibits you from getting help, contact your preferred therapist to inquire about a discounted rate. We will do what we can to ensure you get the help you need.

Couples therapy sessions are $215 per hour and Medicare rebates do not apply, even when delivered by psychologists. Individual sessions form part of the couples therapy process and Medicare rebates may apply for those sessions if seeing a Medicare registered practitioner. When seeing a practitioner for couples therapy, you may be eligible for private health rebates for the joint sessions. We can swipe your private health card to obtain a quote for you.

Payment for tele-health sessions: We require advanced EFT payment for video or phone sessions (your therapist will provide their bank details). You may also pay by phone (call 3726 5595) for tele-health appointments. This saves time chasing fees later.

We have a clear no-show and late Cancellation Policy. If you cannot attend your session, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice to avoid disappointment. If you cancel late or do not attend, we have a $115 late cancellation fee.

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Private Health Fund Rebates

If you are insured with a Private Health Fund and have Extras, you may be eligible for rebates for psychological therapy. To determine your eligibility, call your fund. They will outline your specific rebate entitlements. Bring your health fund card with you to your appointment and we can process your rebate with our HiCaps machine on the spot. You usually cannot obtain a health fund rebate AND a Medicare rebate for the same session. Check with your fund. 

Medicare Rebates

Your doctor can write you a GP Mental Heath Treatment Plan that entitles you to a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year (the extra 10 Covid items have now ceased). The current Medicare rebate from Nov 1, 2023 is $93.95 for a general psychologist. To access this rebate, talk with your doctor.

Once you have this plan, call us on (07) 3726 5595. Please ask your GP to send it securely to us and bring your GP plan with you.

At your appointment, you pay us with cash, credit or debit card. Then we process your Medicare claim via software called Medipass. If the claim is accepted by Medicare they will pay the rebate into the bank account you have registered to your Medicare card. Please note we do not keep cash on premises so no change can be given.

Pease note: Medicare does not accept claims from minors so we must have a parent or guardian as the “claimant” for children 13 years and under. For teenagers 14 years and over, they are no longer linked to the parent or guardians bank account, even if they are still on the same Medicare card. Teenagers will need to have a MyGov account, link their Medicare then register the parents bank details against their Medicare card, if the parent wants to receive the rebate.

If you are an existing client and haven’t seen your psychologist for a while and you’d like a new appointment, your therapist may no longer have online bookings enabled. If so, contact them directly to make a booking.

Telehealth Rebates for Remote & Overseas Clients

COVID-related Medicare rebate items apply for telephone and video sessions around Australia. We require EFT payment before video or phone sessions. Your therapist will provide their bank details. Or you may also pay by phone on (07) 3726 5595.

We also conduct sessions with clients overseas. However, these sessions do not qualify for the Medicare rebate. Private health insurance rebates are also unlikely to apply internationally.

Longer Sessions

If you would like a longer appointment, you can book a double session. However, please note, if you have a plan from your GP, we can only process a single Medicare rebate per day. A second session on the same day does not attract a second rebate.

What You Pay For When You See a Therapist

Sometimes strong emotions come up in regards to paying to see a psychologist. This excellent post from US therapist Martha Crawford explains the role of fees in forming a healthy and genuine therapeutic alliance.

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