Professional Coaching – Dr Rachel Hannam

For busy people who wish to avoid burnout and progress personally and professionally.

Why choose Dr Rachel for coaching?

Dr Rachel Hannam completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Queensland in 2006 in the area of educator burnout and professional resilience. Rachel is the cofounder and Clinical Director of North Brisbane Psychologists (NBP) which she started in 2012. In this time, she also cofounded two consultancies to support leadership and conflict management. Rachel has a wealth of experience supporting people to develop adaptive coping and communication strategies and a more beneficial mindset. 

She is passionate about life-long learning, self-analysis and emotional self-care. Rachel can help you get on track and stay on track. She helps you identify what is truly important and supports you to establish goals that are achievable and potent. 

After over ten years, Rachel no longer accepts Medicare clients. The only new clients she now sees are professionals, couples or families looking for deep coaching work to uncover their underlying issues and blocks in order to learn and apply new skills to flourish. Having practised as a psychologist for 20 years, Rachel can draw from a range of psychotherapeutic frameworks and theories, including schema therapy, CBT, the Gottman method, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), needs-based therapy (NBT) which is based on NVC, and internal family systems (IFS).  

She gives you tools and strategies to reach your goals, identify possible challenges, and set processes in place to overcome obstacles. She will show you how to bypass blocks or paralysis, and will help you achieve and celebrate your milestones. She uses various psychometric tools to identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses and manage these more effectively.

Rachel will give you homework between sessions and make sure you keep your goals in focus so you can reach your potential. You can learn even more about Rachel and her clinical practices here.

For nearly 20 years, Rachel has worked with CEOs, doctors, nurses, academics, teachers, vets, engineers, pilots, architects, psychologists, social workers, and more. She appears regularly on ABC radio and is often interviewed by magazines and news outlets. In addition to owning and running NBP,  Rachel runs a professional mediation practice. 

Rachel also runs professional retreats once or twice each year, as well as public workshops and seminars from time to time, on related topics such as burnout, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed practices, and needs-based communication.

Let Rachel be your mentor and guide so you don’t feel alone, lost or helpless. She is pragmatic and strategic, honest and straightforward. She will empathise with you when you hit challenging times and challenge you when you get distracted.

Coaching program structure, fees & rebates

Pay-As-You-Go: $300 + GST per session (one hour) 

Six-session coaching package: $1500 + GST (one hour sessions, payable up front)

Included in the fee is your permission to email or text Rachel between sessions for tips and resources. The six sessions can be spread out over any timeframe you prefer, from six weeks to 24 weeks.

Medicare rebates do not apply, however private health rebates may be claimed. Or you may also be able to claim professional coaching against your taxable income.  Receipts can be issued for these purposes. You can choose to have your sessions in-person, via video, or by phone.

Contact Rachel to book in or discuss further on 0478 789 321 or

More about Rachel….

Rachel enjoys doing media work and has been interviewed by various outlets about a range of topics, including:

She also wrote a popular article on differentiating Love vs. Low Self-Esteem for Provoke Magazine (p54) about challenging our beliefs in relationships.

Rachel co-hosts a podcast called Help Me! I’m a Comedian on ABC Radio which started in 2018.

She has also been a guest on other people’s podcasts, discussing topics such as:

You can learn more about Rachel in this personal interview she did for ABC Radio during National Psychology Week 2017.

Check out dozens of interviews and home-made videos by Rachel and her colleagues via our North Brisbane Psychologists Facebook Page as well as our YouTube channel … such as this funny interview about family conflict.