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Couples Counselling at North Brisbane Psychologists

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*Update: We have a new and highly effective program for local and out-of-town clients seeking intensive relationship counselling called Marathon Couples Therapy.

We offer Brisbane couples a safe place to express their individual needs and reach mutually satisfactory outcomes.  Marriage counselling isn’t just for partners facing a crisis. Our counsellors see couples who need help with improving communication, those who need to resolve a single issue, have issues around sex and intimacy, or simply treasure the relationship enough to keep it on track. We also help people communicate more effectively during or after a divorce.

At NBP, we use the renowned Gottman Method as well as Emotion-focussed Couples Therapy (EFCT) and Imago couples counselling. Here is one example of a process we use with couples to help them resolve and heal from conflict

If you are curious about how it all works – the structure and timeline of couples counselling – we offer a detailed summary of what’s involved in following the Gottman Method. If you are interested in intensive couples therapy, check out our Marathon Therapy service here.

Your relationship is important.  Keep it healthy or find a healthier way forward. Talk to an experienced and caring relationship counsellor in north Brisbane today. Or call Dr Rachel (Director) on 0478 789 321 to discuss.

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