Couples Counselling

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  • Experienced therapists available now

  • Improve communication with each other and your children

  • Safely discuss sex, money, work or extended family 

  • Recover from broken trust or infidelity

  • Change unhelpful dynamics

  • Explore your differences and how to stay together

  • Make your relationship thrive rather than just be ‘OK’

  • Communicate and parent effectively during or after a separation or divorce.

We offer Brisbane couples a safe place to express their individual needs and reach mutually satisfactory outcomes. We use the latest assessment tools, including the Gottman Connect Questionnaire (which incurs a fee of USD39 payable via the link you receive). This assessment helps us obtain a deep understanding of your relationship to prioritise areas for improvement during counselling.

We also have a highly effective program for both local and out-of-town clients seeking intensive relationship therapy called Marathon Couples Therapy.

A couples therapist can give you individualised support for your goals as partners to live the life you want. Whatever your issues, a highly trained professional can help you figure out how to solidify your partnership in spite of your unique stressors.

Counselling is not just for couples in trouble. Couples Therapy specialised to your needs will guide you to keep a good thing going strong and give you customised tools to tackle obstacles that arise. Prioritise your union and improve your staying power as a couple by finding a therapist. Your relationship is worth it.

At NBP, we use the renowned Gottman Method as well as Emotion-focussed Couples Therapy (EFCT)

Here is one example of many exercises we use with couples to help them resolve and heal from conflict.

If you are curious about how it all works – the structure and timeline of couples counselling – please text our Director Dr Rachel on 0478 789 321 to ask for a call back. If you are interested in intensive couples therapy, check out our Marathon Therapy service here.

Your relationship is important.  Keep it healthy or find a healthier way forward.

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