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Contacts & Locations

Contacts and locations for North Brisbane Psychologists

See the maps below for our two office locations in Aspley and Stafford Heights.

To contact one of the psychologists directly, please see below for direct mobile and email address details. We’re happy to talk. Please keep in mind we are often with clients, so we may take a few hours to get back to you.

NOTE: You can book an Appointment Online and reschedule 24/7.

Alternatively, call Reception on 04812 04818 to make an appointment 9am to 5pm. If we don’t answer, leave a message. We’ll call you back within 15 minutes. To discuss which Psychologist best suits your needs, call our Director Dr Rachel Hannam on 0478 789 321. For queries about workplace sessions, call Rachel or email rachel@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

Appointments are available Monday through Saturday and most evenings.

For more information, try our helpful FAQ page and our Fees & Rebates page to learn how to off-set the cost.

Our Fax Number:

617 3319 6320  Note: This is an e-Fax service so you must use the whole number to reach us.

Our Addresses:

Aspley waiting room
Our main office is in Aspley. Robin, Ingrid and Lynne also see clients at our second office in Stafford Heights. See below for directions and maps.


Aspley Medical Centre Complex, Suite 1, 1311 Gympie Road, ASPLEY
Ph: 04812 04818
PLEASE NOTE: It can be tricky to find us! We are at 1311 Gympie Rd on the south-east corner of Gympie & Robinson Roads in the Aspley Medical complex (diagonally opposite the Commonwealth Bank). There are driveways on both the Gympie Rd side and the Robinson Rd side.

We are inside the Northside Massage & Natural Therapies Centre
We are on the Robinson Rd side, in the Northside Massage & Natural Therapies Centre, next door to Image By Laser.

There is customer parking. Park in the “Northside Massage Centre” spots or unmarked spots. Full wheelchair access is available at our Aspley office only. (Our Stafford Hts office does not easily accommodate wheelchairs).

The MAPS below indicate our two locations.  Note: There is no waiting room at Stafford Heights, which is in a quiet residential area. Please take a seat on the green chairs outside or wait in your car until your psychologist opens the office door at your scheduled time.

Aspley – Our main office at 1/1311 Gympie Rd

Our rooms are in the Northside Massage & Natural Therapies Centre on the Robinson Rd side. If your appointment is before 9am or after 6pm, please knock on the glass doors and we’ll be out to get you shortly.

Stafford Heights office (81 Pangeza St, opp Ringrose St)

There is no waiting room here. It is in a residential area. Street parking. Take a seat on the green chair outside or wait in your car until your Psychologist opens the office door at your scheduled time.

Contact Our Psychologists

Nahum Kozak

email: nahum@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0409 565 943

Ingrid schults

Ingrid Schults

email: ingrid@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0451 919 102

Melissa Herdy

email: melissa@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0412 204 657

lynne rodgers

Lynne Rodgers

email: lynne@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0409 346 939

robin fraser

Robin Fraser

email: robin@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0490 149 620

pia jones

Pia Jones

email: pia@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0404 230 115

jenny laing

Jenny Laing

email: jenny@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0458 882 104

rachel hannam

Dr Rachel Hannam

email: rachel@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

phone: 0478 789 321

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