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What to do if you can’t find a Psychology appointment

Blog Post by Sabina Nowak, member of NBP’s Admin Team. Around the world – the need for psychology services has been growing to unprecedented levels, even before the COVID Pandemic hit.  North Brisbane Psychologists has tripled its size since 2019 in an effort to meet demand (while not compromising on quality service), and it saddens […]


What If My Partner Is The Problem?

Blog by Jeremy Gates (Couples Therapist, North Brisbane Psychologists) Struggling in your relationship? Reluctant to attend couples counselling because your partner is the problem, not you?  Good news: Your partner is the problem and we’re going to fix them for you! Just kidding 😉 Life would be so much simpler if everyone could just agree that they are the […]


Meet the Practitioners: Dr Eske Derks

I started at NBP in June 2021, very recently! I still work as a senior scientist at QIMR Berghofer, where I study genetic risk factors of mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. I have presented my research at national television and radio. One of the key messages that I wish […]


Meet the Psychologists: Dr Rachel Hannam

When did you start at NBP? I set up NBP in 2012 with my friend and colleague Karen Nixon who retired and moved to Maleny in 2016, leaving me the sole Clinical Director. Since 2012, NBP has grown from our little partnership to a large team of awesome Practitioners! It has been an interesting and fun ride. […]


Not waving but drowning: Are we leading lives of quiet despair?

This blog was written by our friends at Uncommon Knowledge and has been reposted with permission. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau Not waving but drowning Nobody heard him, the dead man,But still he lay moaning:I was much further out than you thoughtAnd not waving but drowning. Poor […]


You’ve Heard Of PTSD – But What Is cPTSD?

Most people know of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, which is characterised by symptoms of anxiety or depression as well as distressing flashbacks and intrusive thoughts. But have you heard of cPTSD or complex post-traumatic stress disorder? cPTSD arises in response to chronic traumatisation over a period of time. This is a diagnosis which is […]


Meet The Psychologists: Janet O’Donnell

When did you start at NBP? I started at NBP in February 2020…about 3 weeks before COVID hit big-time, which made it challenging, but being part of a really supportive team helped immensely. I have spent a lot of my career in private practice before, so getting back into private practice was really exciting. In […]


The Paradoxical Nature of Emotional and Physical Pain: The Quicksand Metaphor

When you fall into quicksand, your gut reaction is to struggle and swim to safety. Your fight-flight instincts will make you want to run away or fight it. However, both running and fighting will only make you sink faster. Trying to run from or fight off an experience INSIDE you, such as pain, will not […]


Gratitude Journaling

A 2003 study compared the well-being of participants who kept a weekly list of things they were grateful for to participants who kept a list of things that irritated them. The researchers showed that the gratitude-focused participants exhibited increased well-being and brain activity conducive to mental health. The participants didn’t start out any more or less grateful than […]


Find The Right Therapist For You

It’s taken a few decades. Since I started studying Psychology in 1993 when mental health issues were still fairly taboo, mental health has finally started to be taken seriously. Celebrities and Royals talk openly about their struggles. Politicians specifically mention mental health when discussing healthcare. And the idea of seeking therapy is no longer stigmatised […]