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Tips: Getting The Most From Online Therapy

With COVID-19 safety concerns, many clients and therapists are moving to telehealth or online therapy sessions. The use of digital technology to facilitate therapy removes travel and inconvenience barriers and may also feel less intimidating, as you are seeing your therapist from the comfort of your own home (or perhaps your car!). This article helps […]


Our Policy to Manage COVID-19 Risks

The health and safety of our clients and clinicians is a top priority at North Brisbane Psychologists. Given the global pandemic of COVID-19 and over-stretched health services, we believe all businesses have a serious social responsibility to minimise the risk of transmission. As our business does not involve group situations, we will continue to practice. The following consultation options and practice policies are there to minimise risk to our clients and practitioners.


Therapy Animals at North Brisbane Psychologists

At NBP, some of our Psychologists bring their pets to work! At our Stafford Heights offices, you can sit in your therapist’s office with either a friendly dog or cat, depending on who you see. Our main therapy cat is Nellie. Her breed is an Australian Mist – a breed designed for their calm temperaments. She […]


How to Help Your Anxious Child Thrive

Does your child regularly:– get nervous or fidgety,– have unexplained tummy aches,– become agitated, irritable, or have meltdowns, or– have difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or socialising? Anxiety lurks beneath many physical and behavioural issues. While some children are genetically more prone to anxiety and all children will have occasional spikes, 10-15% of people under 18 will […]


Are You Stuck in a Drama Triangle?

Think about the last time you dealt with interpersonal conflict? How did you react? How did you feel? What role did you play in the conflict? The “Drama Triangle” is a concept from Dr Stephen Karpman. It outlines three unhealthy roles people either unconsciously play out or perhaps consciously use to manipulate others when in conflict. […]


Is It Love or Is It Lust?

When we pore over the stand of cards before Valentine’s Day, looking for the one card which best reflects our feelings, we might wonder what is the basis of our relationship. Is it true, everlasting love? Or is it simply lust? Sometimes, our feelings are so strong that we are convinced that we have met […]


Dating Advice: How To Deal With Mixed Signals

“I met someone recently and we really clicked. It was all very intense. He told me he wasn’t looking for a relationship but all the signals he gave out were positive. Now we have drifted apart but he messages me and gives me mixed signals. We’ve both been hurt in the past and I think […]


Attachment Theory: Beyond The Memes

If you’re in any of the same online bubbles as me, you’ve probably seen a resurgence of people talking about “attachment” and “attachment styles”. These articles often mention the four main attachment styles of adult relationships – secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant and fearful-avoidant attachment – which are certainly worth investigating. Though I love seeing attachment theory […]


Dealing With The Stress of Year 12

Guest blog written by the Social Media and Administrative Officer at NBP: Isabella Pennings Year 12 and final exams have always been stressful. However, reports in the past few years have shown that senior students are more stressed than ever before. If you’re about to enter year 12 I’m sure that you have heard the […]


How To Know When To Leave A Relationship

It can be very easy for us to believe that the only thing that is needed to keep a relationship going is love. It’s not something I would blame you for believing, it seems to be the message of every romantic comedy or croony love song. But in reality, love is messy, couples fight, and […]


Boost Your Mood: Join the Cold-Water Craze

Cold-water treatment may be more beneficial than anti-depressants. Cold showers take advantage of our body’s tendency and ability to adapt to harsh conditions. As a result, our bodies become more resilient. Sometimes we feel fragile, but we are not. Many systems in our bodies are actual antifragile, meaning we can increase their capability to thrive as a result of stressors or shocks. Cold water does just this.


Therapy animals: Emotional support from a parrot!?

About a month ago, my mum and I went to a local pet store. I was having a bad day, and she knew seeing animals would cheer me up. (Being a 15 year-old with Aspergers and anxiety isn’t always easy!). And although we didn’t intend to, we left with a beautiful, affectionate parrot named Ollie. This article explains why they make great support animals.


Defensiveness is natural but being non-defensive is wise

Many people get defensive OFTEN. Righteous indignation, playing the victim, and whining can be heaps of fun; the problem is they don’t work! No one likes feeling under attack from judgement, criticism or blame. Yet, defensiveness gives rise to more defensiveness. We need to find a way out. The key lies in our response-ability. Watch this short video to find out more.


Can’t escape the narcissist in your life? Use the Grey Rock Method

Dealing with narcissistic people (self-serving people who lack empathy and have an inflated sense of their own importance) can be maddening. It can be tempting to argue with them and scream, “What’s wrong with you?” Don’t do this. There is a much more effective way to deal with them; something known as the Grey Rock method.