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Is it Shyness or Social Anxiety?

by Lynne Rodgers (of North Brisbane Psychologists) “Shyness is nice, and Shyness can stop you From doing all the things in life You’d like to”  — Ask by The Smiths Social anxiety, also known as social phobia, is not shyness. Psychologists distinguish between shyness – a personality disposition or trait (like having brown eyes) – and social anxiety, which […]


Insomnia, Anxiety, and The Sleep Book: A Teenager’s Firsthand Experience

Our latest blog is a guest post from Alice, the 14 year-old daughter of NBP Director, Rachel Hannam. Alice just finished reading “The Sleep Book” by Dr Guy Meadows. It really helped her overcome her sleep anxiety and insomnia. This is her experience as a teenage sufferer. (She’d love some feedback in the comments 🙂


Three Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Many of us are guilty of procrastination. Have you ever sat down to a complex, time-consuming task and ended up surfing Facebook or playing solitaire? Clients often mention that they struggle with procrastination and want to know why and what they can do. While there are many theories about why we procrastinate, there may be a range of reasons we procrastinate. The more important question is: What can we do? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.


How to Stop Struggling With Yourself: Develop the Observing Self

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living – Socrates We humans have a unique ability that rarely gets talked about in this culture. It’s the ability to observe our own inner experiences as if an internal witness was privy to them. In other words, to engage the ‘observing self’. Most children and young people are not […]


Intrusive Thoughts Are Making My Life Miserable

We all have uninvited thoughts pop into our minds that go unnoticed. But the ones that tap into our core values stand out. When we have uninvited thoughts that tap into core values, we feel strong emotions, like alarm, terror, or disgust. Once an intrusive thought taps into a core value, the amount of attention we give it will determine how much power and momentum it gathers.


We are all control freaks!

Set yourself free by recognising this one tendency we all share and how it can go awry. Life is to be lived, not controlled. Like a surfer in the waves, we need to respond to life, not stress ourselves managing and controlling it all.


4 Steps to Self-Empathy: Get Calm and Clear

Often I use this process with clients who are stuck to a sticky thought and want to get unstuck! We all have sticky thoughts; intrusive or compulsive mental stories we automatically tell ourselves when stressed that can loop endlessly in our heads. The sticky thought is almost always a judgement, either of the self or […]


How to handle attention when you don’t feel comfortable

How should I handle attention? Some people seem to welcome it. Others, like me, find it uncomfortable. With attention, there are two recognisable types. The attention seekers who slurp up attention like kids lap up ice cream, and those who feel uncomfortable whenever under the spotlight. Most of us lie somewhere between. In some circumstances […]


How Negative Self-Beliefs Sabotage Us

Let’s talk about how beliefs affect our coping strategies in life and, in turn, accidentally keep us stuck. Take John for example. John is 45 years old. Growing up, he developed the idea (called a negative core belief or a schema) that he is “unlikeable”. Here are 3 coping strategies John might use for coping […]


How to handle Anxiety Attacks

Emily thinks she is dying. Her heart is pounding so hard it feels it will fly out of her chest. Her palms are sweaty, her breathing constricted, she is nauseous and dizzy, and she fears she’ll faint. The ambulance is called. At the hospital Emily is told she’s had a panic attack. Panic attack? Anxiety […]


How to deal with panic attacks

I think I am having panic attacks. My heart races and I feel dizzy, hot and sweaty. It is very scary. Sometimes I can hardly breath and I feel like I might die. What causes it and how do I stop it? Many people in the middle of a panic attack really believe they are […]


How to deal with feeling humiliated and embarrassed

Our great fear is public humiliation. Most people in the public eye stuff up occasionally. The Duke of Edinburgh, for example, is renowned for it. While we may not be in the public eye like the Duke we can still identify with his situation. At some time, we too have been guilty of hurting others […]


Facts to counter your fear of flying

If you have a fear of flying, look at the statistics here that outline your chance of dying in an air crash. You may feel reassured. If you don’t, you have control issues, based on a fear of death, and you need to learn to surrender.


Fear of flying

Many people have a fear of flying. Some feel claustrophobic, some feel out of control and quite a few suffer from both. Our approach may seem counter-intuitive, but when clients come to us with a fear of flying, We often take them into the fear. In many years of clinical practice, we have discovered that trying to counter fear […]

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