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How do I manage an office romance?

I’ve started seeing a work colleague and the relationship appears to be getting quite serious. But we want to avoid the rumour mill and have decided to keep it secret. What is the best way to handle an office romance? There is nothing like an office romance to get those rumour mills grinding. People love to […]


What do I do when I don’t want sex with my husband?

You said if women don’t want sex, they should open up emotionally to their husbands. I have a very healthy open, relationship with my husband. I would like to have sex but I am just not interested. Many women would like to think their lack of sexual interest is hormonal. Then they can relax and […]


Justice for victims of rape

Some time ago, a sentence of fifty-five years was handed down to a ringleader in a Western Sydney rape trial. This long sentence was controversial. Some commentators were highly critical of the length of the sentence. In our psychology practice, we counsel rape victims and we can see the benefit of a long sentence for the […]


How do I get my husband back?

Trust is easily destroyed but not easily regained. What do you need to do to regain trust when you have had an affair? This is what you need to do if you are serious about creating a healthy relationship with your betrayed partner.


Partner is a sex addict

Recently I found out my (now ex) partner of 3 years is a sex addict visiting brothels and making hundreds of calls to sex workers. He is in complete denial and blames me for prying into his affairs and catching him out. What drives a person to be this dishonest and behave in such a […]


No interest in sex

I am happily married but I have no interest in sex. My husband gets annoyed and I feel even more distant. I need some emotional intimacy before I can be sexually intimate. Is this unreasonable? It doesn’t really matter whether you think this is unreasonable or not. Your expectations are simply not being met. You […]


How do I deal with a noisy co worker?

Hearing loud, inappropriate phone conversations by a work colleague might be titillating at first but soon becomes boring. To get some peace you need to approach your work colleague in a very specific way.


What do I do when I haven’t got time for sex?

I love my husband and we have a good marriage of 8 years. Our only problem is sex. I can’t be bothered with it and I haven’t got the time. There is always so much else to be done. My girlfriends tell me they feel the same. Where has our sex drive gone? Don’t worry. […]


Can a holiday romance last?

Have you ever experienced a holiday romance that swept you off your feet? You watch the sun set on a perfect day. You have spent it with your new holiday lover. Together, you frolicked on the beach, held hands, made promises with your eyes and parted so reluctantly no one would ever guess you’re meeting […]