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Xmas without mum

Recently my mother died unexpectedly. I can’t stand the thought of Christmas here without her so I was going to go overseas. Is this a good idea? You are hesitant and unsure. After a sudden loss such as this, it is natural to be undecided. Losing someone unexpectedly is a shock. Your trust in the certainty […]


Smoking is killing him

My husband has been told he’ll die soon if he doesn’t give up smoking. He has tried but he doesn’t really want to give up. I can’t stop myself using emotional blackmail and checking up on him. Now he sees me as the enemy rather than cigarettes. You are perfectly right. You have made yourself […]


How do we stop arguing about money?

My husband and I argue about money. He hates being in debt and wants to pay off our mortgage. He says I am a spendthrift because I refuse to budget and I believe I will always have enough. How do I get him to see that his negative attitude will create the poverty he fears? […]


How do I stop the abuse from my partner?

I love my boyfriend of three years very much and we have recently moved in together. Things are mostly OK between us but every now and then he gets upset over a trivial matter and yells at me often using abusive language. Once he even slapped me. How do I stop this before the abuse […]


How not to “vomit” your emotions all over others

Without emotions, life would be dull and TV would be unwatchable. Sit in front of any television drama and you will find people emoting all over the place. Ally McBeal, in the TV show, reacts emotionally to whatever life throws at her, often with scant regard for the recipients of her outbursts. So do many […]


How to manage a teen when parents disagree

My wife and I argue about how to manage our 13 year-old daughter. My wife is very liberal while I insist on reasonable limits. My wife doesn’t seem to appreciate that it’s a dangerous world out there. She gets angry and accuses me of being like her father who was very strict. How do we […]


Friend’s Hopeless New Relationship

A good friend with a poor track history in relationships has just taken up with a new partner and everyone who knows her considers this to be a disaster in the making. It’s common wisdom that one should never interfere in such matters, but surely an intervention now would save her months of emotional torture […]


Nasty colleague

I have worked within a number of organizations and I have worked with many different people. Why is it that there is always one person in the workplace, often a woman, who is nasty – the sort who will make a sarcastic remark or undermine people behind their backs? How is it best to deal […]


How to handle attention when you don’t feel comfortable

How should I handle attention? Some people seem to welcome it. Others, like me, find it uncomfortable. With attention, there are two recognisable types. The attention seekers who slurp up attention like kids lap up ice cream, and those who feel uncomfortable whenever under the spotlight. Most of us lie somewhere between. In some circumstances […]


Overweight and addicted to sugar

I am over weight and addicted to sugar. I am on a low carbohydrate diet that works as long as I stay on it. But as soon as I get down, I crave sugar and usually give in. How do I get the will power to stay healthy? Sugar is a temporary energy hit. The […]


How do I manage an office romance?

I’ve started seeing a work colleague and the relationship appears to be getting quite serious. But we want to avoid the rumour mill and have decided to keep it secret. What is the best way to handle an office romance? There is nothing like an office romance to get those rumour mills grinding. People love to […]


How do I live with a nagging wife?

Who would have thought that being called a nagging wife could become a compliment? According to a study by Michigan University, husbands with nagging wives are likely to be healthier than those with wives that leave them alone. Apparently a man needs a good nag from his wife to encourage him to wear sunscreen, eat healthily […]


How do I stop telling lies?

I found myself in a spot of trouble a few years ago and told a lie to get out of it. As time has gone by, the lie has become bigger and bigger and it’s taking a terrible toll on my life. I’m worried that if I tell the truth now my family and friends […]


How to help children deal with separation

When parents separate, what is the best approach for the children? Separation is going to be traumatic for children, the degree of trauma depends on the individual child and how well you handle it. Your objective is to use this experience for the benefit of the child. You want them to learn how to overcome […]


Fears for son

I have an adult son who lives away from home. I am fearful of some of the choices he makes in his life (nothing serious). In discussing it with him, he says that if I am a worried mother now, I’ll still be worried when he’s 50. This is probably true! How can I overcome […]

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