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Smoking is killing him

My husband has been told he’ll die soon if he doesn’t give up smoking. He has tried but he doesn’t really want to give up. I can’t stop myself using emotional blackmail and checking up on him. Now he sees me as the enemy rather than cigarettes. You are perfectly right. You have made yourself […]


Do I tell him he is dying

My father is ill with a terminal disease. We’e never been close but now he seems to want to open up. I’d like to respond and build a closer relationship during this time. The problem is my emotionally fragile mother insists he not be told that he is dying. What do I do if he […]


Facts to counter your fear of flying

If you have a fear of flying, look at the statistics here that outline your chance of dying in an air crash. You may feel reassured. If you don’t, you have control issues, based on a fear of death, and you need to learn to surrender.


Fear of flying

Many people have a fear of flying. Some feel claustrophobic, some feel out of control and quite a few suffer from both. Our approach may seem counter-intuitive, but when clients come to us with a fear of flying, We often take them into the fear. In many years of clinical practice, we have discovered that trying to counter fear […]