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Threatened by attractive woman flirting with my husband

My husband is engaging and sociable and attracts other women. This has always bothered me, but it threatens to become an issue now because one woman seems determined to snare him. I trust him, but how can I make him see that this woman has more than friendship on her mind? Every time I raise it he […]


I’m Jealous of My Partner’s Friends

  I am so jealous. My partner loves cycling and rides with a mixed group of friends. I feel insecure because he doesn’t need me and I’m upset when he’s been with them. He’s fed up with my jealousy and I know it’s childish, but I can’t seem to stop it. Jealousy is fed by […]


Is it wrong to have secret contact with my ex?

We find that quite a lot of people stay in contact with an ex when they are in a relationship. Some do this secretly. If you are doing this or thinking about contacting an ex, read this now.


I hate my girlfriend kissing her friends

Being with an emotionally and physically expressive partner can be challenging especially when you come from a family where this is not the norm.


My partner is jealous of my past

Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to live with, whether you are the one who is jealous or the target of the jealousy. A jealous person harbours a deep inner insecurity. Digging this out and resolving it is possible but only if the jealous person is willing to look deeply inside him or herself.


How to deal with a jealous housemate

A possessive, jealous housemate who demands your attention is corrosive. House sharing requires consideration for others and good communication skills. But most of all it requires courage.


When is jealousy justified?

When you feel the ugly emotion of jealousy and confront your partner, he or she is unlikely to take your concerns seriously. Is your jealousy justified or are you just over-reacting? You need to step back and explore to find out.


Is Flirting Harmless?

Flirting is fabulous fun, when you are the flirt, but not so much fun when your partner is the flirt. Flirting initiates potential sexual relationships. You and your partner probably flirted with each other early in your relationship. Maybe you flirt just a little now. And if you do, you surely enjoy it. But what […]