ADHD Services

ADHD Assessments 

At North Brisbane Psychologists we offer comprehensive ADHD (and other) assessments for adolescents and adults. Call our Intake Team in office hours on (07) 3726 5595 to find out more.

ADHD Group Education and Support Programs

We offer Medicare-eligible ADHD Education and Support Programs at our Lutwyche clinic. The program includes 3 x 3-hour small group sessions (9 hours total) and is designed to demystify ADHD, going beyond the surface to explore the neuroscience, emotional landscapes, and practical challenges faced by people living with ADHD but is LIMITED TO SEVEN PEOPLE EACH MONTH. The series is offered weekly in person over three Sunday afternoons. Links to book for June, August and October are below.

Session 1: Unravel the core concepts of ADHD, reshaping perceptions to see it not merely as a deficit of attention, but to understand it as an issue with regulating where and how attention is directed. Delve into the neuroscience behind ADHD and the distinct ways in which inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity manifest.

Session 2: Traverse the emotional landscape of ADHD, from the nuances of identity and self-concept to the intensity of emotional responses. Equip yourself with strategies for stress management, self-care, and tackle the intricacies of relationships.

Session 3: Transform your daily life with essential tools and techniques. From mastering time and task management to optimising organisation. Discover actionable strategies tailored for the ADHD mind.

Whether you seek understanding of ADHD for yourself, your spouse, children, friends, colleagues, patients, or clients, these workshops promise invaluable knowledge. Gain a deeper insight, learn practical strategies, and foster a more compassionate understanding of the ADHD experience. No diagnosis required. Book your spot today to take part in a transformative journey!

Cost & Rebates: $900 per person plus the Eventbrite booking fee, equating to $100/hour of face-to-face support with two expert clinicians. Medicare rebates of $44.10 per week apply with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP), separate to the one-on-one sessions under Medicare.

Dates: First three Sundays of each second month from 1PM to 4PM.

Follow-up: If you need further support after the program, we have several psychologists in our team who can provide ADHD coaching on an individual basis. These sessions are $215/hour and will attract a Medicare rebate of $93.35.

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