My partner is jealous of my past

Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to live with, whether you are the one who is jealous or the target of the jealousy. A jealous person harbours a deep inner insecurity. Digging this out and resolving it is possible but only if the jealous person is willing to look deeply inside him or herself.


Guilt and Shame: Radio Interview

Allow me to share a little radio interview I did with Kelly Higgins-Devine on ABC radio yesterday, May 18th 2015. We talked about the difference between guilt and shame; guilt being a more adaptive, conscious emotion and shame being less helpful and less conscious.  I also touched on how shame develops and on the importance of clarity […]


Let Go of Guilt and Regret with Self-Empathy

Living with guilt and regret sucks. It’s uncomfortable. And it’s wonderful to be free of it. We all take actions from time to time that we later regret. As humans, we are fallible. Most of us grew up being shamed or criticised by the adults in our lives. Such shaming teaches us to become self-critical. […]