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How to stop being a people-pleaser (but stay loving)

Are you a people-pleaser? What is the difference between caring about others and having empathy, and being a people-pleaser? How do you tell the difference? In this short video, Dr Rachel explains the distinction.


How to Give Empathy

I want to be a more empathic person. But when I try to give empathy, I don’t really know how. I end up giving sympathy. Or I ask questions and give suggestions, leading to conflict. How do I give empathy to my partner or my children without ending up in an argument or feeling rather disconnected and helpless? I need some tips….


How To Have A Healthy Relationship

First, let’s start with how NOT to have a healthy relationship. 1. Blame and criticise the other person: Make sure you include denigrating judgements such as arrogant, uncaring, insensitive, inconsiderate, manipulative, irresponsible, or autocratic. Labels and put-downs contain no useful information, so you’re guaranteed to stop the other person from learning anything useful. 2. Deny […]


Let Go of Guilt and Regret with Self-Empathy

Living with guilt and regret sucks. It’s uncomfortable. And it’s wonderful to be free of it. We all take actions from time to time that we later regret. As humans, we are fallible. Most of us grew up being shamed or criticised by the adults in our lives. Such shaming teaches us to become self-critical. […]