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A 5-step Process for Understanding and Bypassing Anger

Sometimes anger comes from believing (consciously or unconsciously) that situations or people should be other than they are. It is normal for us to do this, but not very helpful. Things are as they are in each moment. Blame, anger and judgement rarely change life for the better. However, understanding the underlying feelings and needs […]


What do I do about summer odour?

Summer is a time we have come to dread in our small office due to the poor hygiene habits of a colleague. I don’t know whether he has a health problem or just doesn’t wear the right deodorant, but he smells pretty offensive. Trouble is, everyone likes the guy (especially in winter) and no one […]


How To Have A Healthy Relationship

First, let’s start with how NOT to have a healthy relationship. 1. Blame and criticise the other person: Make sure you include denigrating judgements such as arrogant, uncaring, insensitive, inconsiderate, manipulative, irresponsible, or autocratic. Labels and put-downs contain no useful information, so you’re guaranteed to stop the other person from learning anything useful. 2. Deny […]


Conflict at Work

  At some point in our working lives, most of us will find ourselves in conflict with a work colleague or a manager. Workplace conflict can be very costly for the individuals involved, and their employer. It blocks communication, diminishes trust, and weakens relationships. Conflict is invariably driven by emotion: we argue when we feel […]