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Are You Stuck in a Drama Triangle?

Think about the last time you dealt with interpersonal conflict? How did you react? How did you feel? What role did you play in the conflict? The “Drama Triangle” is a concept from Dr Stephen Karpman. It outlines three unhealthy roles people either unconsciously play out or perhaps consciously use to manipulate others when in conflict. […]


Depression 2: Situational Depression

In situational depression the individual is suffering from a conflicted situation. The trigger for the depression is a specific situation that, once resolved, will have the individual back to normal. Even in situational depression there are some personality factors and beliefs or attitudes that are not serving the individual.


Emotionally abusive partners: Don’t take it in

  *NB: I have used the male pronoun for ease of writing and because many abusive partners are male, though certainly not all. These points apply equally to females who are repeatedly abusive. These principles may also apply to emotional abuse in other relationships, such as friendships, sibling, colleague, and parent-child relationships. Emotional abuse is […]


What causes depression?

Depression always involves a conflict. This conflict overwhelms us so much that we avoid thinking about it. Instead we continue on as if there is no problem at all. Usually the problem doesn’t go away, more likely, it gets worse. We suspect this. Now we work harder at distraction. Any distressing feelings are automatically buried. […]


Conflict at Work

  At some point in our working lives, most of us will find ourselves in conflict with a work colleague or a manager. Workplace conflict can be very costly for the individuals involved, and their employer. It blocks communication, diminishes trust, and weakens relationships. Conflict is invariably driven by emotion: we argue when we feel […]