Depression 2: Situational Depression

In situational depression the individual is suffering from a conflicted situation. The trigger for the depression is a specific situation that, once resolved, will have the individual back to normal. Even in situational depression there are some personality factors and beliefs or attitudes that are not serving the individual.


Why Cry?

“Crying is good”, I say to my clients. “You gotta cry!” I just googled “songs with the word cry in the title” and I found several dozen in one minute. But this important adaptation that humans have developed, while widely accepted in our music and literature, is seldom revered in daily life. I am surprised […]


What causes depression?

Depression always involves a conflict. This conflict overwhelms us so much that we avoid thinking about it. Instead we continue on as if there is no problem at all. Usually the problem doesn’t go away, more likely, it gets worse. We suspect this. Now we work harder at distraction. Any distressing feelings are automatically buried. […]