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How to manage a teen when parents disagree

My wife and I argue about how to manage our 13 year-old daughter. My wife is very liberal while I insist on reasonable limits. My wife doesn’t seem to appreciate that it’s a dangerous world out there. She gets angry and accuses me of being like her father who was very strict. How do we […]


Dealing with a nasty colleague

I have worked within a number of organizations and I have worked with many different people. Why is it that there is always one person in the workplace, often a woman, who is nasty – the sort who will make a sarcastic remark or undermine people behind their backs? How is it best to deal […]


How to handle attention when you don’t feel comfortable

How should I handle attention? Some people seem to welcome it. Others, like me, find it uncomfortable. With attention, there are two recognisable types. The attention seekers who slurp up attention like kids lap up ice cream, and those who feel uncomfortable whenever under the spotlight. Most of us lie somewhere between. In some circumstances, […]


How do I live with a nagging wife?

Who would have thought that being called a nagging wife could become a compliment? According to a study by Michigan University, husbands with nagging wives are likely to be healthier than those with wives that leave them alone. Apparently a man needs a good nag from his wife to encourage him to wear sunscreen, eat healthily […]


I want to be assertive

Unassertive people don’t share themselves with others. They keep quiet or say what they think others want to hear. They are afraid to speak their truth. But if you are not being open and honest, how can anyone know you? There are good reasons to put effort into learning to be more assertive.


Energy vampire

Energy vampires will wear you down, especially if you feel sorry for them and try to cheer them up. There is another way to deal with energy vampires, apart from telling them to ‘go jump.’ You use a technique that protects you and forces them to either change or leave you alone.