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Honeymoon Disappointment

I’m a blushing bride recently married to a man I love with all my heart. He’s handsome, rich and talented. He also has a quick temper, but that’s not what really concerns me. I’m more worried about our honeymoon. As a man of some means, I expected him to sweep me off my feet – […]


No interest in sex

I am happily married but I have no interest in sex. My husband gets annoyed and I feel even more distant. I need some emotional intimacy before I can be sexually intimate. Is this unreasonable? It doesn’t really matter whether you think this is unreasonable or not. Your expectations are simply not being met. You […]


He left me for a younger woman

I noticed some men leave a long-term relationship for a younger woman. It seems so wrong. What do you think? Imagine you have devoted the last twenty years to raising your family and you are looking forward to finally spending some quality time with your husband. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, he leaves you […]


Can a long-distance relationship survive?

My wife has just been transferred to another state for work. It is a promotion, and there is no question she should have taken it. I have no prospects in that city, so we have decided to have a long-distance relationship. We see each other most weekends, but I’m finding that I don’t want a […]


My wife has found God. Have I lost her?

My wife has recently found God. She has started going to church every Sunday and favours spending time with her co-believers rather than the friends we have made together. I feel very isolated as I don’t share her faith and I feel that her new interest is creating a wedge between us. You are right. […]


What do I do when I haven’t got time for sex?

I love my husband and we have a good marriage of 8 years. Our only problem is sex. I can’t be bothered with it and I haven’t got the time. There is always so much else to be done. My girlfriends tell me they feel the same. Where has our sex drive gone? Don’t worry. […]


Is Flirting Harmless?

Flirting is fabulous fun, when you are the flirt, but not so much fun when your partner is the flirt. Flirting initiates potential sexual relationships. You and your partner probably flirted with each other early in your relationship. Maybe you flirt just a little now. And if you do, you surely enjoy it. But what […]


Your Partner: Ally or Adversary?

Being in a long-term relationship is challenging.  It is inevitable that you will sometimes slip into cycles of withdrawing (sulking or silent treatment) and of being adversarial (defending or attacking). This is your natural fight-or-flight instinct taking hold. How partners cope with these cycles determines the quality of the relationship and, indeed, whether the relationship […]