Radio Interview: Couple Time Post Kids

Today I was invited on ABC Radio Brisbane to discuss the importance of quality couples time, especially for couples with children. Here are my “hot tips”:

  1. Try to spend at least 5 hours (6 is better) per week on average together as a couple. This does not mean bickering in Bunnings. This is when you feel a sense of togetherness, even if you are watching a movie.
  2. Keep it simple. Dance in the living room, go for a walk, send sweet texts, close the bedroom door on a weekend and tell the kids “mummy and daddy are having a nap”. Be both planned and spontaneous.
  3. Prioritise connection. If you make plans, honour them as important, just like you would a dentist appointment or a work meeting. Don’t let other things crowd out your couple time.
  4. Express fondness and appreciation. Remember when you met? You admired some things about this person. Tell him or her what you are grateful for and what you still appreciate. A positive sentiment towards your spouse makes a massive difference.
  5. Kiss. Six second kisses are kisses with potential, says John Gottman. Try doing this every day!

Listen to my interview with Kat on the ABC Afternoons show for more 🙂