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Overcoming Childhood Tauma: A Three Stage Process

Dark moments from our childhood – divorce, emotional neglect, a parent’s mental illness, witnessing violence or addiction, being abused – can stay with us as adults, even though we ‘feel fine’ most of the time. Research shows that adverse childhood experiences produce toxic levels of stress hormones that can affect the development of the neural networks in a child’s brain. In the past 20 years, researchers have shown that high scores on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) survey are highly predictive of adult mental, social and physical health problems later in life. The effects of these ACEs may be invisible, but they can weigh upon us decades later.


Five Happiness Killers

Today I was invited onto ABC Radio in Brisbane to discuss happiness and “Happiness Killers”. A great deal of our thinking and behaviours as human beings create our suffering states, such as powerlessness, resentment, anger, exhaustion, anxiety, jealousy, depression and disappointment. This is my take on the term ‘happiness killers’. Below are the five Happiness Killers I spoke about at the ABC today.


It Is Not The Critic Who Counts

For many people, lack of self-confidence comes form having a harsh inner critic. How do you manage a harsh inner critic? Or harsh critics around you? Working on your own life and mind is the key to accepting yourself as you are and letting go of those criticisms.


How to manage anger

I have read that people should express angry feelings in their imagination. Is it true? I think that if a person has an issue with someone, it is better to resolve it by getting it out in the open. Resolving problems with others is always worthwhile. However, getting it out in the open by letting loose with your angry […]


The problem with Work Addiction

When we overwork we risk breaking down. According to a survey on work addiction by recruitment firm TMP Worldwide, approximately a third of Australian workers are addicted to their work. Typically, they arrive early, leave late and miss breaks. The survey found that many do it for recognition or in hope of receiving a promotion […]


The Importance of Self-Awareness

Gnōthi Seauton (“Know Thyself”) (inscribed on the Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Ancient Greece) Having worked with people inside organisations for years I learned that those who take responsibility for knowing what they don’t know are more respected than folks who pretend to know everything. These days, I am reminded in my private practice work that […]


The Power of “Even Though”

Many of us don’t act until we feel like taking action. This might work well in some areas of our lives, such as getting our hair cut.  But if we wait for the right feeling before being kind to others, starting an exercise program, or practising more patience, we may never take the critical first step. We […]