Five Happiness Killers

Today I was invited onto ABC Radio in Brisbane to discuss happiness and “Happiness Killers”. A great deal of our thinking and behaviours as human beings create our suffering states, such as powerlessness, resentment, anger, exhaustion, anxiety, jealousy, depression and disappointment. This is my take on the term ‘happiness killers’. Below are the five Happiness Killers I spoke about at the ABC today.


Creating happy children

We think we influence our children by what we tell them. Of course, this is important. But we influence our children much more by how we say what we say, by what we don’t say, and, most importantly, by what we actually do. In effect, we are communicating to our children every moment of the day, not just when we sit down with them to have a deep and meaningful.


8 Daily Habits to Boost Your Happiness

Peace of mind is a pretty good measure of personal success and happiness, and contributing to others’ well being is the highest expression of this. But it’s almost impossible to add to other peoples’ happiness if you’re not happy within yourself. With that in mind, here are eight small changes that you can make to […]