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Grief is the Price We Pay for Love

This blog post has been inspired by the lovely comedienne, Jordan Kadell. Six years ago, Jordan’s family suffered a devastating loss when her brother died in a terrible accident while overseas celebrating finishing high-school.


How do I manage an angry girlfriend?

My girlfriend spends a lot of her time getting angry at her ex. I sympathised at first but after four months, it’s just as intense. She fumes whenever anything reminds her of him. How do I help her let go? One thing is for sure: you’re not helping her by being sympathetic. Right now, your girlfriend is stuck. […]


My close friend died. How do I cope?

  A very good friend of mine died recently in an accident and I am still having trouble dealing with the grief. I’m in my 30s and previously had an active social life. But now I feel weepy, down, and I would rather go home to bed than go out. It’s six weeks since his […]