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Is Flirting Harmless?

Flirting is fabulous fun, when you are the flirt, but not so much fun when your partner is the flirt. Flirting initiates potential sexual relationships. You and your partner probably flirted with each other early in your relationship. Maybe you flirt just a little now. And if you do, you surely enjoy it. But what […]


Can a holiday romance last?

Have you ever experienced a holiday romance that swept you off your feet? You watch the sun set on a perfect day. You have spent it with your new holiday lover. Together, you frolicked on the beach, held hands, made promises with your eyes and parted so reluctantly no one would ever guess you’re meeting […]


Your Partner: Ally or Adversary?

Being in a long-term relationship is challenging.  It is inevitable that you will sometimes slip into cycles of withdrawing (sulking or silent treatment) and of being adversarial (defending or attacking). This is your natural fight-or-flight instinct taking hold. How partners cope with these cycles determines the quality of the relationship and, indeed, whether the relationship […]


How To Have A Healthy Relationship

First, let’s start with how NOT to have a healthy relationship. 1. Blame and criticise the other person: Make sure you include denigrating judgements such as arrogant, uncaring, insensitive, inconsiderate, manipulative, irresponsible, or autocratic. Labels and put-downs contain no useful information, so you’re guaranteed to stop the other person from learning anything useful. 2. Deny […]


Conflict at Work

  At some point in our working lives, most of us will find ourselves in conflict with a work colleague or a manager. Workplace conflict can be very costly for the individuals involved, and their employer. It blocks communication, diminishes trust, and weakens relationships. Conflict is invariably driven by emotion: we argue when we feel […]