How To Know When To Leave A Relationship

It can be very easy for us to believe that the only thing that is needed to keep a relationship going is love. It’s not something I would blame you for believing, it seems to be the message of every romantic comedy or croony love song. But in reality, love is messy, couples fight, and […]


Can my relationship be fixed?

By attending counselling, you give your relationship the best chance of being improved. Many relationships can be saved, but not all. The most important predictor of the durability of a relationship is the level of motivation of each of the individuals to continue the relationship. If both are really keen to make it work, chances […]


Why Communication Skills Won’t Save Your Relationship.

Many couples struggle with issues within their relationship. When they come to see us they often say, “We have communication problems.” They think that improving their communication skills will solve their relationship problems. Communication skills can be extremely helpful. But there is a catch. You have to put communication skills into practice for them to […]