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1Sad Man







When you’re feeling sad, just feel sad.
Don’t try to ‘not feel sad’; you’ll only split yourself in two.
Don’t think about feeling sad.
Just feel sad.
Feel the raw sensations in the belly, heart, throat, head.
Let the sensations tingle, pulse, vibrate, shimmer.
Breathe into them, dignify them; soften around them.
(It’s just energy that wants to move in your body.)
Drop the word ‘sad’; simply connect with what’s alive.
Be the room for these sensations, their loving embrace.
Know that these sensations aren’t a mistake;
you’re not doing anything wrong.
You are alive. And sensitive. And not numb.
You have a right to feel sad!
To stand with sadness; be its loving parent, not its victim.
There is no shame in this. No failure.
So just feel sad, friend; your sadness is a portal
to love, and a tender embrace of this fragile world.
– Jeff Foster