Meet The Practitioners: Kierra Wilkinson

When did you start at NBP? What were you doing before that?

I started with NBP in January 2022 and have spent over 6 years working towards this dream job! I have gained qualifications in youth ministry, human resources and counselling, and by the end of 2022 I will add my psychology degree to the list.

Why did you get into the field of psychology/therapy in the first place?

It sounds cliche, but I’ve just always known this was my path. Ever since I watched ‘Silence of the Lambs’ at 15, I’ve wanted to be a psychologist to understand why people behave the way we do. While I no longer have any interest in working with cannibals, I’ve never been more in love with the field and helping people improve their lives!

What would you have done if you didn’t become a therapist?

I honestly couldn’t imagine any other career that would be so fulfilling, but if I had to choose I think I would have continued with my Human Resources career and worked in team-building and enhancing workplace culture. 

What do you like best about your job?

I love that every day is so different and the flexibility I get with the job. I get to meet so many beautiful, unique individuals and watch first-hand as they learn new skills to improve their lives. I go home each day satisfied that I’ve been able to make an impact on someone’s life. It’s a strange feeling to be paid to do something you love so much. Recently, our practice manager received this email from one of my clients and it really made my day:

I just wanted to email to compliment for Kierra. I have been working with her for the last few months. When I started therapy I was in the midst of a devastating situation and Kierra really helped me through. She made me laugh, cry, but overall made me feel so much better and more like myself each day. I feel I have come a long way and attribute this greatly to her support. She is an asset to the team there and just wanted to flag her great work”. 

Which are your favourite therapies to draw from and why?

I personally like to use person centered therapies combined with CBT. In some cases, my clients just want a safe space to vent without judgement and aren’t looking for a textbook therapy. In other cases, when some skills-training or problem-solving is needed, I enjoy using CBT whereby the client and I collaborate to set goals and strategies together as a team. For my younger clients I use play therapy, as children aren’t always able to articulate what’s happening or how they are feeling. Being able to express themselves through play is really fascinating to watch.

What activities do you enjoy outside work?

Day trips to the beach or finding new swimming holes would probably top the list. Having a young son who is obsessed with wildlife, we spend a lot of our free time at the zoo or doing nature walks to see which animals we can spot. 

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