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Counselling Services At North Brisbane Psychologists

PLEASE NOTE: We have a new service for couples called Marathon Therapy, which is an intensive two-day program designed uniquely for you and your partner based on a comprehensive assessment of your relationship. Click here to read more.

Take that first brave step. Book an appointment with a psychologist from North Brisbane Psychologists. It could be the most important and rewarding step you’ll ever take, and it’s certainly the last step you’ll take alone. We build our counselling services around you, so you will always feel safe and see the path to wellness. Each psychologist melds their knowledge and skills with their intuitive understanding of you & your issues to develop the best treatment plan for you. With highly qualified, experienced and caring psychologists, you’ll feel confident that you’re in good hands.  We’ve been counselling Brisbane clients for many years. Join them on the path to feeling better.

We also offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or Employee Assistance Services (EAS) to organisations who wish to support their staff or employees with enhanced well-being, improved mental health, and better relationships. Contact our Director Dr Rachel Hannam today to find out more: rachel@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

Sometimes all it takes is a little help to “clear your head”.

We are a cohesive team with shared core values in our professional practise of psychology. All our experience, knowledge and skills are centred on you, your problems and your goals. We help you find the answers to your problems. You might be surprised to discover that you know more than you realise. Many answers lie within you and your own experiences. You just need to have your eyes opened and any blocks or outdated programming removed.

We help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom so you can awaken to new realisations and understandings. We teach you skills and strategies that replace the conditioning and programming that is no longer working for you. We demonstrate the use of effective communication and conflict resolution skills that enhance your relationships with others and enable you to be true to yourself.


Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling and Group Counselling Options Available

With experienced and caring psychologists at three Brisbane locations, you can find a counsellor that best fits your needs.  The best psychologist for you is one with whom you can connect, who can offer you the right assistance and the right course of counselling.

In addition to the services below, several of our Psychologists offer non-binding family dispute resolution as well as separation and coparenting counselling outside the formal legal system to help you hone long-term coping and communication skills. Call 3726 5595 to find out more.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide assessments for Court Report purposes.

NOT IN BRISBANE? We are now able to offer Medicare-rebated telehealth services to people living in remote and rural areas.

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The North Brisbane Psychologists Approach to One-on-One Counselling

Sometimes life is overwhelming.  Sometimes your emotions are all-encompassing and you can’t even find the words to express how you feel. The very idea of talking to a counsellor may make you feel anxious. Talking to a loved one even more so.  You may feel you have big, unique or complex problems.  You problems might seem small and hardly worth seeking counselling to resolve.  You may just feel emotionally stuck with no way forward.

We all feel this way sometimes.  It’s normal to need help processing and resolving issues, big and small.  Wouldn’t it be nice to understand why you’re feeling this way and have a clear path to resolving those feelings?  Wouldn’t it be a relief to express yourself clearly and confidently?

We understand that the best psychologist and the best course of counselling for you depends on your individual needs.  We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to counselling; we help you find your own optimal path to healing.

Our Brisbane psychologists are definitely not “textbook book” counsellors.  We know that the best counsellors are self-aware, genuine, attentive, non-judgemental, and sensitive to your needs. We are a cohesive team with shared core values in our professional practise of psychology. At North Brisbane Psychologists, we believe in doing what’s best for you. We are fully registered Australian Psychological Society (APS) psychologists. We have shared core values in the ways we work and a strong workplace culture and each have our own experiences of being in therapy.

Take a look at the APS recent promotional video about using psychologists’ services and see below for more information on each of our services.

Services offered:

Couples CounsellingLife and Career CoachingTraining and Facilitation


How are you feeling?

“I feel emotionally stuck. I don’t know how to move forward.”

Depression Counselling Brisbane

If your emotions are blocking your path to happiness, our counsellors can help.

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“I feel depressed. I have low moods, anxiety and even panic attacks.”

Depression Counselling Brisbane

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common and debilitating issues we see everyday.

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“I don’t want to ‘move on’ but I am consumed by grief over her death.”

grief counselling

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed.  You don’t need to “move on” – just ask for help.

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“I am not coping with my baby and I feel terrible about it.”

postnatal depression counselling

It’s OK to feel thrown by big life changes.  When nobody understands, we do.

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“I just feel lost and out of control.”

adolescent teenage counselling

Understand what’s holding you back, make sense of things, make better decisions and move ahead.

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I’m too embarrassed to talk about it.”

LGBTI counselling

Sex, sexuality and gender issues are deeply personal. Don’t worry, we don’t judge.  We listen. We help.

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“I think I might have post-traumatic stress.”

post traumatic stress counselling

Emotional trauma can come back to haunt you at any time.  Learn to cope with trauma, for good.

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“He raped me. I’m not OK.”

trauma counselling

Let us provide you with a safe place to open up and get help.  Let us help you regain your strength.

Feel OK Again

“My addiction is ruining my personal life.”

Addiction and Eating Disorder Support and Counselling Brisbane

Addiction, food issues and other “crutches” can harm your health and your healthy relationships.

Break The Cycle

“I just find his behaviour so infuriating!”

relationship counselling

We’ll help you when a relationship at home or at work is causing you daily stress.

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“I am overwhelmed by chronic pain.”

Pain Counselling Brisbane

Learn coping skills for living with chronic conditions including pain, sleeplessness and memory loss.

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“I just wish I was more confident.”

Confidence Building Counselling Brisbane

Overcome self-esteem issues,  seize opportunities and take control of your life and career.

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