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Our psychologists bring together their many years of experience, their expertise, and their confident, easy-going personalities to offer a range of individual, couples, and group services. Our services include:

  • Counselling – individuals and couples
  • Coaching – life, career, and workplace goals and skills
  • Training and facilitation for groups

We are all fully registered Australian Psychological Society (APS) psychologists. We have shared core values in the ways we work. We ourselves have a strong workplace culture.

Take a look at the APS recent promotional video about using psychologists’ services and see below for more information on each of our services.

Our psychologists work with individuals and groups

Our psychologists work with individuals and groups.


We all have times in our lives when we feel life is overwhelming. Our problems might seem large or small. We might feel confused or out of control. We might have lost direction or not know how to approach a person or a situation. At such times, wise people seek help.

Our counsellors possess qualities that are useful for anyone struggling with such issues, including being genuine, empathic, attentive, non-judgemental, and sensitive. We are a cohesive team with shared core values in our professional practise of psychology.

Most clients come to their first counselling session feeling quite anxious. We are 100% aware of this. We put you at ease by being warm and welcoming. You will soon feel comfortable enough to open up and tell us your story. We don’t judge you. We accept you where you are. Nothing you say is going to shock or offend us.

We respect your confidentiality. We listen. We understand what is happening for you.  We focus on you. All our experience, knowledge and skills are centred on you, your problems and your goals. We help you find the answers to your problems. You might be surprised to discover that you know more than you realise. Many answers lie within you and your own experiences. You just need to have your eyes opened and any blocks or outdated programming removed.

We help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom so you can awaken to new realisations and understandings. We teach you skills and strategies that replace the conditioning and programming that is no longer working for you. We demonstrate the use of effective communication and conflict resolution skills that enhance your relationships with others and enable you to be true to yourself.

We use many different evidence-based therapies to help you including:

Lynne, Jenny and Rachel are formally trained in Emotion-Focussed Couples Therapy (EFCT) and in the Gottman Method of relationship counselling from the renowned Gottman Institute.

We gently guide you to address any fears and blocks that prevent you from aligning with your own inner truth. We empower you so you can choose to live an authentic life. And in case you get lost again along the way, we teach you to remember this pathway to your own truth so you can find it again. Check out our psychologists for more information and our fees and rebates for more details.


Most of us have career goals and personal dreams we want to realise in our lives, but there are times when:

  • our dreams or goals get hazy and we are not sure anymore;
  • our motivation wavers and we are blocked or stuck;
  • we are trying really hard but not getting anywhere, and we are tired and frustrated.

Wise people know life ends. At the end, people want to look back at their life with a sense of satisfaction. They want to know they have lived a fruitful life, a life where they achieved important and useful goals. When aware people are unsure, stuck, worried or frustrated with progress towards their goals, they seek help.

A skilled and experienced coach can help you get on track and stay on track. We help you identify what is truly important to you. We show you how to set goals that are achievable and potent. We give you the tools and strategies to reach your goals. With you, we identify the likely challenges and pitfalls and set processes in place to overcome them. We work with you to set milestones and critical outcomes. We show you how to eliminate any blocks or paralysis. We help you achieve your milestones and celebrate your successes. We are your Mentor. We are your Guide. We are there so you don’t feel alone, lost or helpless. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a performer, an executive, a business man or woman, a professional, or an employee.

If you have goals you want to achieve, we can help. As psychologists, we use various psychometric assessment tools to identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses. We help you exploit your strengths. We show you how to manage and overcome any weaknesses.

We are pragmatic, tactical and strategic. We are also honest and straightforward. We will empathize with you when you hit challenging times and challenge you when you get distracted. We make sure you keep your goals in clear focus so you can reach your true potential.

Call or email us today to find out more about our coaching programs. We can help you identify which psychologist is most suited to your needs.

Training and facilitation for groups

If you are after a workshop, group training or facilitation, our psychologists have the skills and know-how to provide small and large group presentations and workshops for organisations and communities such as:

  • Building Resilience
  • Stress and Anxiety management
  • Understanding Depression
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution (Home and Work)
  • Beyond Time Management
  • Working Effectively in New and Existing Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Change
  • Understanding Workplace Culture
  • Coping with Critical Incidents

Our workshops can be one-hour sessions, half-day, or full-day programs. Contact us today to discuss your needs, our prices, and to find out which psychologist is best placed to facilitate a group workshop in your organisation.

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