North Brisbane Psychologists – Our Culture

North Brisbane Psychologists (NBP) was started in 2012 by Karen Nixon and Dr Rachel Hannam and our logo was designed with Jarren Nylund at Design Good.

Our practice culture is captured by our logo.

The central elements in our logo are the two white infinity symbols. The infinity symbol represents the linkages and the continual ‘flow’ between two human beings when compassionate communication is present.

The colours represent the different emotions and moods that we all have. Yellow at the top gives the feeling of a sunrise reflecting our desire to bring new hope to people’s lives.

As a whole, the logo is like a flower – a symbol of life that brings beauty and new beginnings. The flower represents an integrated whole with the different parts interlinking. We believe that integration or a sense of wholeness is the key to mental and emotional well-being. At NBP, we are a collaborative and close-knit team who meet regularly for peer supervision and case-conferencing. 

Practising psychology at NBP, we work hard to live the values of:
– Integrity
– Support
– Compassion
– Learning and growth
– Inspiration and hope
– Excellence

Our Mission

At NBP, our mission is to achieve the best possible outcomes for all clients and stakeholders by providing best practice psychology services in a safe and supportive environment that fosters hope and collaboration. We commit to working in accordance with best practice principles and to continuously develop our professional skills and knowledge for the benefit of those who access our service. To achieve our mission, our practitioners commit to ongoing learning and to deliver their services by way of adept clinical assessment, education, and effective implementation of empirically driven interventions.

2020 NBP Christmas Party