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North Brisbane Psychologists – Our Culture

Our NBP logo symbolises compassionate connections and renewed hope

Our practice’s culture is encapsulated in our logo. Karen and Rachel started North Brisbane Psychologists (NBP) in 2012 and created the NBP logo along with Jarren Nylund at ‘design good’.

It has a lot of meaning for us. The central elements are those two white infinity symbols. The infinity symbol represents the linkages as well as the ‘flow’ between two human beings when compassionate communication is present.

The colours are also key. With yellow at the top, the feeling of a sunrise is about bringing new hope to people’s lives.

As a whole, the logo is like a flower. A symbol of life, beauty and new beginnings, it also represents an integrated whole with the different parts interlinked. We believe that integration or wholeness is the key to mental and emotional health.

All of these values – connection and compassion, integrity, hope and renewal – are true of how we practise psychology.