Depression Counselling Brisbane – What Is Depression?

What is depression?

Many people ask this question and most answers give a list of symptoms. Depression is like a downward spiral or like being emotionally stuck. Depression is a process that starts with the avoidance of a problem that cannot be resolved. Yet the problem doesn’t go away. It eats away at you beneath the surface, while despair grows and you spiral down. Depression is a process and it has a cause.  The experts do not agree on what causes depression. But basically, they think it is a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

About our depression counselling

We are a team of qualified psychologists at North Brisbane Psychologists.  Our approach to counselling is to provide a comfortable, trusted space for you to heal.

We have seen hundreds of clients with depression in Brisbane. They all share a common factor. All have tried to avoid an inner turmoil that they cannot resolve. This turmoil or conflict might have happened a long time ago or it might be more recent.

If you are depressed, you have this hidden pattern:

  • You are in conflict
  • You cannot resolve the conflict
  • You cannot live with any of the available solutions to the conflict
  • You feel helpless
  • You try to forget about the problem
  • You still feel helpless because the problem is still bubbling away underneath the surface
  • You start shutting down
  • You feel unhappy, unmotivated, tired, weak, bored, unable to concentrate and sleep well and sometimes anxious and fearful.

We are skilled at uncovering the underlying conflict and helping you find a way out. We work to resolve the conflict and help you come to terms with life’s challenges. We help free you from your depression.

What if depression therapy has failed in the past?

Some people have tried all sorts of solutions to permanently overcome depression. They have tried antidepressants, therapy and trying to distract themselves from the problem. Sometimes these work for a while. But depression is not really eliminated until the conflict is surfaced and resolved. In chronic depression, the conflict is complex, like a tight knot with many different threads. The knot of influences has to be unravelled to find a solution. This can take time.

If you are depressed, seek help. Even if you have sought help before, don’t give up. You can be helped.

Our friendly and skilled clinicians at North Brisbane Psychologists want to help you. Call our receptionist on 04812 04818 or fill out a contact form to make an appointment.