Dr James Le Lievre

PhD BAPsych (Hons) MAPS

Medicare registered Psychologist

Dr James Le Lievre is a compassionate therapist who avoids Psychological jargon. 15 years experience as a Psychologist has honed his ability to explore and understand people’s experience from their own words and frameworks.

James is particularly interested in understanding the way our histories have shaped our lives and the ways past and present relationships impact happiness, energy, performance, anxiety and parenting. James has worked with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, personality vulnerabilities, trauma, and psychosis.

James is primarily a solution-focussed therapist, specialising in creating clarity from confusion and depression. Clarity can be vital when people encounter life obstacles and can’t see a way forward. It allows us to determine what is within our control and break life’s journey down into a step-by-step path for a better future.

James promotes self-expression and the creation of personal boundaries for safety. He helps people develop techniques to accept the things that are beyond their control. James helps people develop techniques for hearing others and being heard in order to reduce tension in relationships.

James believes that finding clarity and a path to a resolution can create vitality for a better life. James very much enjoys his time with clients and has an active social and sporting life.

Medicare eligible: YES

Clinic: Lutwyche and Aspley

Email: james.lelievre@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

Phone: 0403 560 295