Couples Therapy Programs

Learning relationship skills makes a massive difference

Love in the time of COVID: Surviving to Thriving

Nobody could have predicted the profound change of life that COVID has brought with it. Almost daily there is a new interruption to our lives that requires us to make unexpected changes to what is familiar and places pressure upon us mentally, emotionally, physically or financially.

Relationships are bearing the strain of this added pressure, and as stress levels increase while feelings of safety and security diminish, relationship dissatisfaction, breakdowns and separations are on the rise.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Nobody taught us how to have a successful relationship during a pandemic..

Until now…

A fulfilling relationship is possible in almost any circumstances when you have the knowledge, skills and willingness to achieve it.

The Gottman Institute has been researching and refining tools to transform relationships for over 40 years. We have combined that knowledge with insights from over 1000 hours of relationship counselling and developed practical and effective workshops for singles and couples. 

At NBP we offer Couples Marathon sessions which cost $4-5000 in total. However, sometimes the cost of Marathons are prohibitive, so we have created alternatives to the Marathon Program. These alternatives are:

Fulfilling Relationship Foundations
(Gottman Half Marathon)

Full-Day (Classroom setting)

Learn skills and interventions for building healthy relationships in a single day! Learn key skills developed from The Gottman Institute’s 40 years of research into relationship dynamics.

During this full day workshop you will learn:

  • The keys to feeling heard and understood
  • How to deepen friendship with your partner
  • How to negotiate difference in a way that strengthens connection
  • Skills to improve your mental and emotional health though physiological self soothing
  • How to forgive and heal the past
  • How to plan for a fulfilling future
  • How to build a life of your dreams together

Couples and individuals can build on the foundations course with tailored ‘Couples Marathon’ packages that can be delivered in a full day intensive or staggered over 4 x 2 hour sessions. Please speak to your practitioner about which program is right for you.


Fulfilling Relationship Foundations ~  $795 pp (contact us to find out the next date)
Full-day training at our premises, includes printed resources and a 100-day online support program

Full One Day Marathon @ our Lutwyche office ~ $1995

One full day of therapeutic interventions tailored specifically to the needs of your relationship in one of our office locations. Includes Gottman Checkup Survey Results Session,  2 x individual intake sessions. Individual planning included.

Full One Day Marathon @ Luxury Hotel ~ $2675

One full day of therapeutic interventions tailored specifically to the needs of your relationship and 2 nights accommodation in an upmarket hotel. Includes Gottman Checkup Survey,  2 x individual intake sessions. Individual planning included.

Gottman Checkup Survey Results Session ~$495
Get insights, strategies and direction for your relationship on the basis of your Gottman Checkup Survey. No therapy is provided, just a clear indication of the best focus for your current situation.

Please call Jeremy Gates on 0425 333 369 to discuss booking in for these programs.