Core Skills For Connected Relationships: Half-Day Workshop 10/9/23 from 1pm-4:30pm @ 12 Norman Ave Lutwyche

Based on the famous Gottman Method created by Drs John and Julie Gottman – “the Einsteins of Love” – this workshop will teach you skills and interventions for building a healthier, stronger relationship. Tickets are on sale now via eventbrite.

Facilitated by Gottman-trained Therapists Teagan Russell and Michelle Janssen, during this workshop you will learn:

* The keys to feeling heard and understood

* How to solve gridlocked conflicts 

* How to deepen your friendship with your partner

* How to negotiate difference and heal historical hurts

* Skills to improve your individual mental and emotional health through physiological self-soothing

This workshop will suit you if:

*You’re craving more intimate connection with your partner

*You need to feel more secure, heard and understood

*You’re not quite ready for couples therapy but want to have a relationship tune-up

*You keep having the same argument and walking away feeling disappointed and disconnected

* You have attended couples therapy, but simply want a chance to fine-tune your skills 

* You’re time-poor and would like to learn lots of new skills in one go.

During this workshop, you will work with your partner in a small, intimate group setting. You will be introduced to some concepts from the famous Gottman Method and Teagan and Michelle will then guide you through exercises to do with your partner. There is no need to share with the group if you don’t wish to. The goal is to get you talking with your partner. 

Important note:

This workshop is not suitable if there has been a very recent affair or some form of betrayal, if there is any kind of violence in the relationship, or if either partner is in active addiction. In those cases, private couples therapy is the best method of treatment. 

Cost, venue and booking:

The workshop fee is $450 per couple for 3.5 hours of intensive support by two highly experienced therapists. It will be held at our Lutwyche clinic in Brisbane from 1pm – 4:30pm Sunday September 10. To register your interest for yourself and your partner, email

Tickets are on sale now via eventbrite.