Freya Browne

BAppScience (Psych) BHealthSci (Counselling) CertIV Training ACA

Freya is a warm and friendly counsellor with a non-judgmental, compassionate approach to counselling. She is curious about people and is passionate about supporting them to reach their goals both within and outside of the therapeutic environment. Using the Gottman Method and needs-based communication, Freya works with couples and families seeking support for issues causing relational distress. Freya has a background working in domestic violence and understands the complexities relating to the cycle of violence and trauma bonds. She but also understands working with other significant issues that affect relationships, such as communication breakdowns, past traumas, and external stressors.

In addition to private practice, Freya has worked as a crisis counsellor for a national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line, as well as being a Mental Health Practitioner with Mind Australia, a support worker with Staffing Options assisting behaviourally-challenged clients, and supporting complex mental health patients through Wesley Mission.

Freya also sees individuals and has experience working with a variety of issues as well as domestic and family violence, including sexual assault, depression and anxiety, PTSD, drug harm minimisation and withdrawal, mental illnesses including schizophrenia, BPD and mood disorders. Freya takes a non-judgmental approach with all of her clients and is very empathetic. She encourages independence and personal growth in small achievable steps.

Freya uses a person-centered approach, utilizing techniques including motivational interviewing (MI), strength-based practices, solution focused brief therapy (SFBS), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, and has been trained with the Gottman method for couples counselling and is undertaking studies in nonviolent communication, a form of needs-based, interpersonal therapy.

Outside of work, Freya is a busy mother, but in her spare time enjoys listening to music, swimming and bushwalking with her son, and catching up with friends and family.

Clinic: Lutwyche


Phone: 0405 925 549