Danielle Campbell

BA (Psychology) Counsellor

Danielle is a very skilled counsellor with a degree in Psychology and over 20 years of experience with a broad client base in varied and challenging environments. Danielle’s passion is ensuring that clients from all backgrounds and differing core beliefs are provided with a safe, caring and accepting environment encouraging people to get the most out of their interactions. Danielle see clients from 15 years of age and couples.

Danielle adopts evidence-based practices, such as the Gottman Relationship Counselling method, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivation Interviewing (MI), psycho-eduction and Narrative Therapy dependant on the client’s needs. Danielle demonstrates an open mind that fosters compassion, respect and dignity, and is continually learning to provide the best service for all clients.

Danielle loves seeing couples and helps them via a thorough assessment of their relationship. She integrates research-based interventions and supports couples to strengthen their friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meanings. She will help you manage anxiety, replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions, repair past hurts, and enhance couples’ ability to achieve shared goals.

Danielle has worked in many varied roles over her career, within Australia and internationally, including:

  • Personal Support Program Consultant (working with complex non-vocational needs)
  • Camp Counsellor USA (able bodied children, children with special needs and complex trauma)
  • Factory Hand (Fish Factory, Scotland)
  • Specialist in the Management of Violence and Aggression (Leeds NHS Teaching Trust, UK)
  • Live-in Personal Carer (UK)
  • Inclusion Project Manager (Brisbane City Council – Pilot program addressing homelessness)
  • Correctional Counsellor (Corrective Services)

Danielle has a long personal history in compassion and understanding for people in front line services such as; police, fire, paramedics, corrective service officers and military veterans, providing debriefing and psychosocial assistance.

Danielle lives on the northside of Brisbane with her partner and 2 rescue dogs, as well as a plethora of native visiting animals. Danielle has a creative passion for photography, in particular astrophotography and is always looking to learn new skills.

Clinic: Aspley

Email: danielle@northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au

Phone: 0434 232 297