Aspley, Clayfield and Stafford Heights

Dr Cagla (Charla) Sanri

PhD (Psych) MSc (Psych) Gottman Lvl I

Please note: Charla is currently living interstate to conduct research and is still seeing couples via video sessions but is unable to see clients face-to-face.

Charla is a relationship counsellor who has a Doctorate in Psychology looking at flourishing relationships. She is dedicated to helping individuals and couples to thrive. Please note: She is not a Medicare-registered Psychologist.

With a research and teaching background in relationship science and positive psychology, she loves to work with individuals and couples to facilitate fulfilling relationships and communication. Dr Charla is bilingual in English and Turkish. She has a warm and friendly personality and an open, non-judgemental approach.

Some of her research projects and collaborative work looked into preventive interventions in relationships, cross-cultural relationships, and the impact of cultural values and religion on relationship quality as well as the impact of globalisation and online dating. She also has an interest in mediation between separated parents, and other interventions in wellbeing and mental health. In particular, her PhD research explored how to facilitate meaningful, fulfilling, and thriving relationships that go beyond mediocre.

Charla is published in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals including Family Processes, the International Journal of Psychology, Cambridge University Press, Journal of Couple and Family Psychology, and the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, and her research has been disseminated at international conferences, including the International Association of Relationship Research, Australian Psychological Society (APS) Conferences, the Psychology of Relationships Interest Group, and the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy. She has completed Level 1 Gottman Method training for couples therapy and is currently completing Level 2.

Drawing on her research and teaching experience in positive psychology, Charla encourages optimising positive cognitive and subjective states such as self-regulation, optimism, resilience, gratitude, flow, mindfulness, self-compassion, as well as developing awareness in one’s own and their partners’ character strengths and values.

Having lived, studied and worked in three different countries, Charla is culturally aware, and experienced in effective cross-cultural communication. In her spare time, Charla likes to read and go bushwalking.