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Meet The Psychologists: Robin Fraser

Robin Fraser

When did you start at NBP?

I began at NBP in August 2018, 3 days after arriving as an immigrant to this awesome country of Australia. Rachel & the NBP team were so welcoming and kind and quickly showed me the ropes in the practice and the Australian healthcare system. I am grateful to have some really amazing colleagues who enjoy having a laugh too! 

Why did you get into Psychology in the first place?

Bottom line is that psychology chose me. When I finished grade 12 I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had always been the listener in my relationships with family and friends and so after a gap year, I finally got settled into pursuing my psychology studies. I think the role I played in my family also meant that psychology was a natural fit for me. The compassionate influence of my family shaped the core qualities I feel help me to hold space for others.

What would you have done if you didn’t become a Psychologist?

I considered becoming a professional couch potato but the pay was not so great and my father, although a kind man, would hear nothing of it- so much for letting me choose my own path! Haha. Seriously though, I have a deep enjoyment for food and sharing a good meal with friends so I probably wouldve gone into being a chef.

What do like best about your job?

I feel humbled by the fact that complete strangers allow me to bear witness to their deepest hurts, shame, and pain. It is something that I constantly am thankful for – that it is indeed a privilege to be able to bear with someone who is going through a tough time and walk a road with them for a while until the pain feels more manageable to go the rest of the way on their own. It is also awesome to share the successes and joys with them along the way too!

Which are your favourite therapies to draw from and why?

I have a deep respect for the psychodynamic theories and the depth of understanding that they help me to hold in my mind as I sit with my clients. I also however, really enjoy some of the more practical approaches to therapy, like the skills based approaches of DBT and ACT. 

What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

I usually arrive about 30 minutes before my sessions start, settle into my office with a cup of coffee and prepare for my clients for the morning, going through previous session notes and considering the goals for the upcoming sessions. I see between 6-7 clients per day and then I go home and take my kids for a bike ride through the suburb we live in. That helps me to get my head out of work and into my personal life more fully.

What activities do you enjoy outside work?

Did I mention I enjoy food?  I can usually be found somewhere in the kitchen concocting something new or tweaking an old recipe. I enjoy my time with my family very much and being out on the bike with the kids is also a really enjoyable activity for me. And finally, binge watching my favourite series in the evenings is something my wife and I enjoy doing with a cup of tea and a good bikkie!

Robin sees clients at both our Aspley and Stafford clinics. Book an appointment today.

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