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Having Faith as a Psychologist: An interview with Nahum Kozak (NBP)

Our lovely Nahum Kozak

In this delightful interview with Katherine (Kat) Feeney at ABC Radio Brisbane, NBP psychologist Nahum Kozak discusses how an incident over 20 years ago when he was only 19 on a church camp made him reassess his faith, and find hope for his future and personal healing through compassionate friendship.

Nahum speaks about the need to accept our vulnerability as humans and re-evaluate our childhood beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Nahum discusses with Kat how practising as a Psychologist who also identifies as Christian is easy when he connects with his unconditional positive regard for all human beings regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. He talks about the over-riding need for love and acceptance that was practised not only by Jesus, but by many other compassionate healers throughout history.

Nahum is a former school-based Psychologist who works with teens, couples, individuals and workplaces. Nahum is a warm-hearted and open-minded practitioner who makes his clients feel instantly at ease. Nahum works three days a week at NBP. Learn more about Nahum here: https://northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au/team/nahum/

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr0oAMWv4PM

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