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How do I stop telling lies?

I found myself in a spot of trouble a few years ago and told a lie to get out of it. As time has gone by, the lie has become bigger and bigger and it’s taking a terrible toll on my life. I’m worried that if I tell the truth now my family and friends […]


How to help children deal with separation

When parents separate, what is the best approach for the children? Separation is going to be traumatic for children, the degree of trauma depends on the individual child and how well you handle it. Your objective is to use this experience for the benefit of the child. You want them to learn how to overcome […]


How Negative Self-Beliefs Sabotage Us

Let’s talk about how beliefs affect our coping strategies in life and, in turn, accidentally keep us stuck. Take John for example. John is 45 years old. Growing up, he developed the idea (called a negative core belief or a schema) that he is “unlikeable”. Here are 3 coping strategies John might use for coping […]


Fears for son

I have an adult son who lives away from home. I am fearful of some of the choices he makes in his life (nothing serious). In discussing it with him, he says that if I am a worried mother now, I’ll still be worried when he’s 50. This is probably true! How can I overcome […]