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Incompetent key employee

I have put a lot of effort into a key employee. He changes for the better for a while but it doesn’t last. I don’t want to do the wrong thing because I was given a second chance when I was young and it made a big difference to my career. Everyone deserves a second […]


How to handle Anxiety Attacks

Emily thinks she is dying. Her heart is pounding so hard it feels it will fly out of her chest. Her palms are sweaty, her breathing constricted, she is nauseous and dizzy, and she fears she’ll faint. The ambulance is called. At the hospital Emily is told she’s had a panic attack. Panic attack? Anxiety […]


Threatened by attractive woman flirting with my husband

My husband is engaging and sociable and attracts other women. This has always bothered me, but it threatens to become an issue now because one woman seems determined to snare him. I trust him, but how can I make him see that this woman has more than friendship on her mind? Every time I raise it he […]


Impotent alcoholic

I have been married over 30 years to a man I love dearly. He is a drinker and for many years our sex life has been lacking. He has sought help for his low sex drive and there is no obvious problem but he says no doctor has even mentioned alcohol as a probable cause. […]


What do I do when I don’t want sex with my husband?

You said if women don’t want sex, they should open up emotionally to their husbands. I have a very healthy open, relationship with my husband. I would like to have sex but I am just not interested. Many women would like to think their lack of sexual interest is hormonal. Then they can relax and […]


How do I get my partner to stop being angry at her ex?

My girlfriend spends a lot of her time getting angry at her ex. I sympathised at first but after four months it’s just as intense. She fumes whenever anything reminds her of him. How do I help her let go? One thing is for sure: you’re not helping her by being sympathetic. Right now, your […]