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How to connect with the people you work with

Working in a place where there is conflict or strained relationships is exhausting and stressful. The good news is there are things you can do to create a happy atmosphere around you. Doing this is also extremely good for your career.


How to deal with feeling humiliated and embarrassed

Our great fear is public humiliation. Most people in the public eye stuff up occasionally. The Duke of Edinburgh, for example, is renowned for it. While we may not be in the public eye like the Duke we can still identify with his situation. At some time, we too have been guilty of hurting others […]


He hates me smoking

My husband hates me smoking. He says it‘s unhealthy and thinks smokers are fools. I don‘t think he is being fair. I smoked before we married and I only ever smoke outside. I don‘t want to give it up just yet as it relaxes me. How do I get him off my case? He cannot stop you smoking. Likewise, […]


Partner is a sex addict

Recently I found out my (now ex) partner of 3 years is a sex addict visiting brothels and making hundreds of calls to sex workers. He is in complete denial and blames me for prying into his affairs and catching him out. What drives a person to be this dishonest and behave in such a […]