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How can I tell when I am falling out of love?

Falling in love is such a wonderful, walking-on-air feeling that it is a shock when, one day, you realise it’s disappearing. Your heart used to leap when the phone rang; now you tolerate the interruption. You were absorbed with the thought of your next romantic meeting, now when you meet, you think: “probably be late […]


Honeymoon Disappointment

I’m a blushing bride recently married to a man I love with all my heart. He’s handsome, rich and talented. He also has a quick temper, but that’s not what really concerns me. I’m more worried about our honeymoon. As a man of some means, I expected him to sweep me off my feet – […]


How do I address my low self esteem?

Low self-esteem can be addressed. You need to understand its origin and address it. You are carrying emotional baggage that is weighing you down and you need help to release it.


How do we work together to discipline our children?

Discipling children is challenging and it is difficult to get the balance right. But it is possible if both parents look at their own childhood and how they were disciplined and get in touch with their childhood feelings. Mining your childhood in this way will uncover buried treasure and help you be a better parent.


What To Do About Trump: A Suggestion

This is a guest blog by a good friend of NBP, psychologist Karen Nixon. We hope it helps. Yesterday I read how affected some of my Facebook friends are at what Trump is doing. I felt very disturbed, spending the day on the Internet reading the news and a lot of commentary. I started to see him […]