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I hate my girlfriend kissing friends

Being with an emotionally and physically expressive partner can be challenging especially when you come from a family where this is not the norm.


How do I cope after losing everything?

I lost all my possessions in a fire a few weeks ago. I started to cry when the fireman pulled me up saying it could’ve been worse. I haven’t cried since but I can’t be bothered with anyone or anything including work. No one expects all her possessions to disappear so suddenly. You are shocked […]


How do I deal with my difficult hurtful mother?

Having an unsatisfactory relationship with your mother is deeply disappointing. You cannot change her, but you can change how you react to her. It takes some work but it is worthwhile. You can have a peaceful relationship with your mother.


Facts to counter your fear of flying

If you have a fear of flying, look at the statistics here that outline your chance of dying in an air crash. You may feel reassured. If you don’t, you have control issues, based on a fear of death, and you need to learn to surrender.


Fear of flying

Many people have a fear of flying. Some feel claustrophobic, some feel out of control and quite a few suffer from both. Our approach may seem counter-intuitive, but when clients come to us with a fear of flying, We often take them into the fear. In many years of clinical practice, we have discovered that trying to counter fear […]