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I want to be assertive

Unassertive people don’t share themselves with others. They keep quiet or say what they think others want to hear. They are afraid to speak their truth. But if you are not being open and honest, how can anyone know you? There are good reasons to put effort into learning to be more assertive.


Family loss or conflict at Christmas

How realistic is family togetherness at Christmas? How many of us realise the dream and have loving, positive interactions with our relatives without any tension or discord? And how many of us have all the important members of our family present? Christmas can bring grief, sadness, estrangement and conflicts.


Oh no! My critical mother-in-law is to visit.

Having a critical mother-in-law visit can be painful if you have any doubts about yourself and take her criticisms seriously. Once you feel comfortable in yourself, she cannot sting you. You understand her need to criticise and can easily deflect her negativity.


How to avoid financial stress at Christmas

Overspending at Christmas can turn a good time into a stressful time once all the celebrations are over. Emotionally healthy people do not overspend. They work out what they can afford and stick to it. They are over creative in their gift giving. Lack of money can actually drive creativity.