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How do I deal with alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is far too common. Alcohol relaxes our tense muscles and helps us forget our problems. It’s easy to see why it is so addictive. But it also damages our bodies and kills off our brain cells. If we really want to avoid discomfort, especially in the long term, we will value our health.


Giving and receiving gifts

How we receive gifts can reveal some of our innermost feelings about our self worth. Some people have to reciprocate. Some do not. Some accept graciously and some are critical of the gift. How do people with high self worth respond?


Giving up cigarettes

What is the most effective way to give up an addiction like smoking? There is a technique that some psychologists and doctors use called motivational interviewing. Research has shown this technique to be as effective as hypnosis. The psychologist or doctor helps the client clarify the reasons she smokes and why she wants to give […]


No interest in sex

I am happily married but I have no interest in sex. My husband gets annoyed and I feel even more distant. I need some emotional intimacy before I can be sexually intimate. Is this unreasonable? It doesn’t really matter whether you think this is unreasonable or not. Your expectations are simply not being met. You […]


He promised to call but he didn’t

Over the last two years I’ve been dating different guys. None of them felt right. Then I met the one who did. There was a real spark between us and I never doubted for a minute that he wouldn’t call when he said he would. He wasn’t one of those smooth operators, in fact, he […]