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I don’t want to be a bitch

Beware the quiet and tolerant. They might seem sweet and remain calm for ages before one day you are hit with an explosion. Your sweet friend has turned into a bitch. And you wonder what is going on.


What To Do When Your Partner Lacks Empathy

“I was recently involved with a narcissistic man who was completely unable to empathize/care or even think about my feelings and needs. Sometimes I would have to explain how his behavior was affecting me and he would eventually acknowledge he could see how I might feel, but never changed the behavior. Can someone be taught […]


Do I tell my friend her new relationship is as hopeless as all her others?

Watching a friend make the same mistake over and over is painful. You want to save her, stop her from the disaster, and save your mobile phone bill from exploding when the disaster happens. But interfering has its risks.


Do I pursue my new love or the overseas trip I had planned?

Sometimes we are caught between two options, both of which we greatly desire. Making a decision is difficult. We need to use our heart, our feelings, to help us make the best decision. There are ways to do this.