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How do I deal with an intimidating work colleague?

Intimidating work colleagues can ruin your work life. Work becomes about them rather than about you and the work you do. Once you have resolved your fears, however, you will wonder what all the fuss was about. This is what you need to do increase your inner strength…


What do I do with a bulimic friend?

I am worried that my flatmate is anorexic and bulimic. She is getting very thin and she hardly eats. I accidentally found heaps of snack food hidden in her room. Curious, I kept checking and it all disappeared when I was out. I think she’s throwing up. Should I confront her? She keeps very much […]


How do I manage an angry girlfriend?

My girlfriend spends a lot of her time getting angry at her ex. I sympathised at first but after four months, it’s just as intense. She fumes whenever anything reminds her of him. How do I help her let go? One thing is for sure: you’re not helping her by being sympathetic. Right now, your girlfriend is stuck. […]


Can I trust him when he lied at the start of our relationship?

I have really fallen for a man I have been going out with for six months. He just confessed that he lied to me in the beginning of our relationship. He had said he was completely unattached but the truth was he seeing another woman for the first two months we were going out. I […]

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